The Reads: NBA Stories for NBA Nation

 “Sports can teach us about life and simultaneously exist as an escape when said life is a huge pain in the ass…I write with the intent to make sports function both ways: as a teacher and an escape” -godfather of nba fanalysts

who am i?

Newest Read:

The difference between losing and being a loser

Talking Hoops with Jeff Van Gundy:

Early Considerations

NBA Training Camps, Inside Scoop

What wins and what loses 

Power Rankings:

Jenksi Power Rankings Dec. 9

Jenksi Power Rankings Dec. 2

Jenksi Power Rankings Nov. 25

Jenksi Power Rankings Nov. 18

Jenksi Power Rankings Nov.12

Jenksi Power Rankings

Other Freshies:

NBA Tough Guys

NBA 2014: 1993 Reincarnated

A matinee Knicks massacre

Knicks Nation can learn from Viola

Spanking for Tanking

Opening Night:
Wackiness or A Sign of Things to Come?

14 Wishes for 2013-2014

Let Legends Die with Those Who Love Them

Amar’e Stoudemire, The Great Finisher

Stuff about the studs:

 D-12 Rocketman

Bron & Timmy   Black Mamba


Karl Malone    Shane Battier

Rapid Recaps:

November 13th

November 8th      November 7th

November 6th      November 5th

Wildcard Columns:

It ain’t broke, but let’s fix it: NBA PLAYOFFS

 The Heatles chasing history 

Melo & CP3, Toasting Legacies   

Put down the calculators, watch the games

an Awkward Email to Lakerland

      Fanalysts: Asking for some R-E-S-P-E-C-T 

Picks for 2013-2014 season awards

   Duke Defense in the NBA?

I am telling you, there’s a chance

 Metta Cometh and Taketh

A tale of two teams, in the big city   

Feed the big man

Ranking the Top 5 Ballers by Position:

Fifth Bests     Fourth Bests

Third Bests      Second Bests

The Best

NBA Naismith Iron Throne Playoffs:

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part  4  Part 5 Part 6

Previews for 2013-2014 Season:

 New York Knickerbockers  Miami Heat

Orlando Magic  Cleveland Cavaliers 

Phoenix Suns  Houston Rockets

New Orleans Pelicans   OKC Thunder

Los Angeles Clippers    Charlotte Bobcats

Toronto Raptors   Los Angeles Lakers

Dallas Mavericks   Portland Trailblazers 

Atlanta Hawks     Chicago Bulls

Memphis Grizzlies  Washington Wizards

Philadelphia 76ers   Detroit Pistons

Boston Celtics  Milwaukee Bucks

Denver Nuggets  Utah Jazz

Indiana Pacers  Sacramento Kings

Brooklyn Nets    Minnesota Timberwolves

Golden State Warriors  San Antonio Spurs


Kyrie Cursebreaker   Redick Renaissance

Stone Cold Austin

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